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My Energy Geek provides you a comprehensive cost analysis for your investment into SOLAR energy.

Large-scale power consumers, such as businesses, schools, and government agencies, can leverage our expertise to convert rooftops and open space into cost-effective, renewable energy power plants.

Why My Energy Geek?

Design and Engineering

We utilize state of the art software modeling tools to predict the expected energy performance provided by the system.

This information paired with historical energy use data, tax incentives, soft costs for maintenance and system budgets allow us to provide a detailed financial model tailored to your business's needs and financial structure.

Please consult your tax adviser for verification and validity of how these incentives apply to you and your cash flow specifically.

My Energy Geek is a Certified and Licensed CVC & GC Florida Contractor.

Specializing in -



Small Utility

Our experienced team takes pride in -

Understanding Budget

Customer’s Needs

Design Constraints

What My Energy Geek Can Do For Your Business

Solar Electric – Microgrid – Off-Grid – Grid Tied – Hybrid

Design-Build and Construction Management Services

Provide Turnkey Installation and Team Support

Energy Storage

Develop Projects & Plans in Florida, New Jersey, Georgia and Throughout the Caribbean

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My Energy Geek products meet ENERGY STAR requirements when used with appropriate components and equipment. ENERGY STAR is an international standard for energy efficient products.

Energy Efficiency Assessment

Energy Solutions With Solar Power

Why Work With Us When Considering Solar Power

Solar panel production is affected by a variety of elements, including geographic location, roof direction and tilt, shading, utility company rate plans, and many others. As a result, estimating solar costs is extremely difficult - so difficult, in fact, that there has never been a single effective online solar cost calculation tool. Book today with an energy expert to learn if solar power is an option for your home or business.

Solar process after you decide to go solar.....With your energy expert we make.....

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